Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Status - SUPER Neglected

Updates for Work:
- Last week I started at Panera Bread.  It's pretty chill so far and I'm working with Rose Washburn so it should be super fun!
- Still working at the Adult Foster Home.  It's old hat by now and I finally got the one girl who recently has always acted out for me to stop acting out.

Updates for Grad School:
- I was unable to obtain an interview for GVSU.  They were unable to find my study abroad transcripts for so long, that really I'm over them.  Good Riddance!
- Still waiting to hear from Western Michigan (should know by March 20th).

Updates for House:
- Living with Laura in the basement.  It looks nice with more stuff down there and a bed off the floor.  So far it is going well and we haven't really had any disagreements about schedule or what have you.

Updates for Exercise:
-Trying to go running at least every other day.  I went over 3 miles running/speed walking this past week and I'm trying to do a 5k for Lindsey's team building class March 16th.  Hopefully that race ends with a beer.
- I now have the benefit of an iPod to run to.  Michael gave me his old half working 1st Gen iPod touch and it is such a blessing.  It is very motivating for me to not have to carry a CD player.

Updates for Blog:
- Maybe I will post again.  Regular writing is probably good for me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scores... I don't know what they mean.

I'm pretty sure this is a really good score.  Perhaps someone can research more shed some light, or we can all just pretend I'm a genius.

Which I'm clearly not because I have to be up in 6 hours and instead am trying to read charts on the GRE website.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Status - Neglected

I just realized through looking back in my blog, I'm pretty sure I screwed the whole thing up.  Luckily I don't have much to work on at work, in terms of homework, so I will be spending my day going back through my posts and being sure I didn't delete all the photos!  I blame google + for this.  Confusing me and such.

Soon to come (possibly Sunday or Monday):
- my new winter boots if I decided to keep them (They were $42 per boot)
- Liz and Sam trip (though I'm pretty sure a good third of my readership is Liz)

Edit: 45 minutes after posting this I found ALL of the photos are STILL uploaded in the picasa online photo album for this blog.  I don't know what update caused that glitch, but that was super annoying.  And now that it is complete, it is time for lunch!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mouse Murders

Received this text from Jon today:
Operation 'old school in a paper sack' has been an apparent success.  Much better than operation 'pucks everywhere'
Auntie Lisa's trick worked like a charm.  Thanks Liz for the tip, Mom for the reiteration of the tip, Aunt Lisa for being a "mouse killing GENIUS" (Lizzie's words).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Happenings

This is not a scary movie.  This is what goes on in my life.

First, let's discuss the upcoming Lizzie visits (check out the plurality).  October 21 weekend she and Sam are coming for a visit and a Red Wings game! Hurrah since I'll probably miss the season opener cause I work this weekend and the game is on Friday.  EXCITING!  We were supposed to see Kelsi in the city but apparently that's not happening anymore cause her company isn't paying for a hotel or something?  I was a bit confused.  Anyway, still very cool.

Second Lizzie visit will be November 10-18th.  Still working on getting work off, cause other wise we would just have dinner together for 6 days and then go up to Petoskey for 2 or so.  Anyway, more time, more excited!

I got 90% on my first Anatomy Lab exam which I was really happy with.  It can only go up from there! ( terms of end of the year curve.  I've got a lot of work ahead of me.)  I actually quite enjoy the the cadaver part of the lab.  2/3 of the class followed the professor around and then about 6 of us follow the TA and actually get a lot done.  I like the smaller group cause we go through it all pretty fast, but we go over it many times and each get to poke at things and feel the muscles.  The formaldehyde doesn't bug me to much at all either (or, you know, the bodies.)

Next exam that is up is Neuroanatomy and I have been TERRIBLE at studying for that.  Maybe I'll listen to the podcasts at work after the girls go to bed this weekend.  Hopefully before then.  I've got APO tonight then bed, work tomorrow and hopefully I can contain myself for the 45 minutes of podcasts I have (See hardly anything!).

-- OH yeah we have a mouse in the house.  But more on that later.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Amazing Panda Adventure

So yesterday we went to Vidiots (used DVD/Video game store) Nicole lifted a video and I almost started crying with joy. It was... The Amazing Panda Adventure.

Picture via

I watched this video last weekend at work and wondered how I had never heard of it. It is about a kid and his dad (and some chinese people) saving pandas from poachers in the chinese jungles. We put it on as Amy (Jon's sister) fell asleep on the couch and I had a panda adventure dream of my own. 

Apparently in the dream we were keeping a panda as a pet. We were at a department store buying folding chairs to take to a wedding we were going to. (Sounds like a dream right?) My mom let the panda run loose in the store. I was thinking we were going to get caught with the panda but she insisted that there were children running around dressed like pandas so someone would think he was just a child in a panda suit. I did not see the logic behind that argument. Mom then was picking out clothes for me to wear that had pockets in the front so I could carry the panda easily as I would be doing it often.

Like this:

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 more until my 100th post - Should I do a montage like the 100th episode of so many of my beloved television shows?

My blogger profile picture got erased somehow. I assumed it was linked entirely to my google account but that turns out to be false. Anyway, it just came up as this black caution sign which worried me that perhaps someone found my face to be "too racy" for the internet. Let's be honest, there are WAY more racier things on the internet then my darling face just picking fun at everyone. I think I accidentally deleted it in my photo albums while cleaning out my online storage, and thus there was no picture to link it to. I'm sure I've lost just about everybody now so only those who love me will still be reading.

I'm at work at AFC this weekend. I found the new purse I bought and lost within a week there which coincidentally had the stamps I was looking for today and the credit card that I told Mom I wasn't entirely sure where it's location was. Also there was floss in there. I didn't have the guts to ask the other girl to look for it last weekend. I recently "lost" my coin purse/check there, had to search all the girls' rooms only to find it later in my own stuff, and wasn't about to have a repeat performance of my incompetence for my boss to hear about. (I was doing so well for a while there.) This weekend should be fun as all of the girls stay here and don't go anywhere. 10 people is a lot to keep track of. I can't imagine what having children is like, well I guess actually I can. Only I had like 7-10 all at once but lucky for me I don't have full custody.

I think this analogy has run its course.

I recently (today) started looking up Canadian hip-hop because I have discovered that is the type of hip-hop I like. Then while listening to this guy called Classified:

he said something about it being gritty and more like 90's hip-hop so I started looking up videos of people like Tupac. I also watched almost an entire season of Less than Perfect which completely clashes with the Tupac element of my day. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Weird tastes I guess.

Attempting to use the alarm radio instead of the buzzer this week. I forgot my other alarm clock which is far less "alarming" than this one. I literally wake up in a panic. Usually radio alarms don't work for me, but considering my performance this week waking up early for no good reason and always 5 minutes before something, I feel it might work. If not my phone is backup, though its track record isn't so hot these days.

Ta-ta for now.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Things go

Bummer news, the other weekend girl at A-AFC (confusing acronym? They're all confusing to me. A-AFC will be now used in place of Andrus Adult Foster Care because that is all together too long and confused. With a second job, "work" does not suffice so just get used to it.)
Back to the point of this sentence. The other weekend girl quit today. This means my plans to go to Drunk Bus may possibly go on hold. The new girl is training with me this weekend, and hopefully if all goes well she'll work next weekend and the following weekend so I can go to Minnesota. If that is too overwhelming well, I guess I'm staying here and going to Electronic Music night the 20th of August. It is terrible that my fate has pulled me between the two.

In other news, Jon and I walked to the little grocer (Parkside Foods) that is two blocks away and got fixings for dinner. I love walking to my groceries. You never get too many. And you never use gas. We also got menus for the pizza place across the street that has RIDICULOUS DEALS ALL THE TIME. Seriously ridiculous. Buy one pizza get a cheese pizza free. The deals I like. All their prices are weird though, which makes me think that they want it to round even with taxes added. On a related note, our fridge is full of beer and Smirnoff ice.

Still trying to catch up on google reader/blog stuff. I had 45 posts between today and yesterday. Oh my life.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm pretty sure this Jon's perfect dog.

So the move went well. I love the new house. Mom should have some pictures, but once we get all the art up and everything in it's place before I post pictures. Got Laura's stuff moved too. So much work! I feel like I've done so much lifting but no exercise. I need to find a running route or go on the trails around the zoo.

Two blocks from the house there is a pizza place that is cheap, a small grocery, and a liquor store with a nice and informative attendant. Also the zoo is right there, and I KNOW Liz enjoyed that zoo. We'll have to go again when that girl comes to visit.

I work this weekend so I'll have some internet at nights. I'm so tired from this week that even my coloring work seems dreadful. I should have more to say now, but Millionare Matchmaker is on at Krista's so I'm very distracted.

Also I had 256 things to read on my google reader. Blah. Finished that up nicely. Internet will be activated on August 8th, which reminds me, tomorrow I have to call them cause our house doesn't have phone jacks for the DSL. Also I have to take this thing to radio shack that Lindsey bought for an antenna. I think it's a converter box so we just need to get an antenna then we get free channels!

Oh and Lindsey was like, "WHAT PICTURE OF ME DID YOU POST ON THE INTERNET?!?" but I assured her this blog really is only read by my family, also it was her facebook profile picture at one time.

Monday, July 11, 2011


So I feel like the standard update has been ignored.

House Update - went to the house Friday while Beckey was here. Looks really cool and we decided kind of what rooms we are having. I'm in the basement cause no one else wanted it but I think I'm going to enjoy the space very much. That means I have two rooms essentially, and I'll have Krista's bed down their too, so lots of space for sleeping, hanging out, whatever. Also I'll basically have my own bathroom which is awesome.

Laura Housing Update - Laura has found a place she would like to live: Knock on wood. Friday after touring my house, she picked me up and we went to meet this guy Drew. He, as it turns out, is from Kenya but goes to Ferris State for some medical school something. He's really funny and cool, and the space is really big for $237 a month, the area is mostly college students who study all the time, and basically guaranteed to never be more than $50 a month in utilities. It is about 5 minutes from my house which is the closest we will have lived ever and is super cool. Laura met Drew at Ihop and they bonded well, and when he found out how close I will be living he said, "She can totally come over all the time!!!" I believe she said something about him thinking I'm funny, and basically that's all I need to like a person.

Krista's Birthday - is the 17th! We are going to see the new Harry Potter movie (double feature with 7 part 1) and Abby and Carly are coming down for it. I imagine they will be dressing up, and Jon and I will be normal looking. Today we spent all day watching movies 1-4 with Bethany (her first time and she was mostly disappointed I think). The day was also littered with Lego Harry Potter playing. Still yet to get 100% on a game, but Lindsey wanted to play so we started totally over. Great idea, eh?

Living with us next year is Lindsey. She is a year younger than me, finance major, from Farmington Hills, MI. She joined APO last semester and we hit it off immediately. Once I tell you this one thing, you'll know why; we watch all of the same TV shows. Literally to the T. She didn't watch Community, but I showed it to her and she likes it now. Basically awesome. Should be a good time. If you don't recall, Krista will be living with my friend Melanie for a semester then going back to Disney, hence not living with us next year though her bed will be at our place.

Lindsey looks like this:

I think that's enough for now. Working on email responses.... patience with my lack of internet time due to trying to not be controlled by my computer. Also I just spend a long time purging pictures and cleaning up my hard drive.

Love to all.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Effective Texting Communication with Jon

Jon: How much beer do we have?
Jill: Not enough. Chicken nuggets.
Jon: Alright I'll get both.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Check me out on your phones yo.

My day: If I had a twitter account

"7am is NOT my time of morning. Also I don't get the snooze button on
this alarm."

"Forgot how to count again. :("

"As a child, I totally looked like the girl from the My Girl movies."

"Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time."

"It is SO nice outside today. Bring on the thunderstorms."

"Look out for Sir Michael Fischer+beer+Blind Melon regret tomorrow night."

"Cooking dinner made the whole house way to hot. Hiding out and
filling out job applications."

"Just watched a bunch of clips of Ron Paul talking. Love him still."

"The wind coming in my room smells like brats. What the FRICK world?!?"

"Leverage for bed time, yes please."

"Oh yeah, fireworks tonight. Good thing I wasn't sleeping yet."

And that is why I have a blog... that I forget about. Sorry guys.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Graduation Day: We take back everything we said about you

So I don't have any photos from graduation yet, but I can talk about it a bit.  First off it took me 20 minutes to figure out what shoes I was wearing because I didn't have a sweater that was not black (I know it bugs Laura when I do not match right).  I wore the dress I wore to high school graduation for the poeticism, and ended up wearing black [off brand] converse.  I was really afraid I was going to get in trouble for not being formal enough, but it didn't say anywhere explicitly what was and wasn't ok so I went for it and of course was completely fine.  5 minutes after I got here a girl came in with bright yellow sneakers.

I saw a lot of people there I didn't expect to see and had more people asking me to sit with them than I thought so that was nice.  I was WAY early cause someone had told me traffic would be a nightmare.  It wasn't.  I parked super close, didn't have to pay for parking, and was like the 5th person in the room.  We were separated by colleges, but some of my friends were standing in the hallway so I got to see a few people from work, Krista's friend from class, and someone who looked like a hippie version of Frank Montel IV, that turned out to be the actual Frank Montel IV.  I think he and Robby went through a similar transition while in college.  Anyway, it was fun to see a bunch of people, loose my people, find them again, etc.  One of the girls I sat by lived in my dorm Freshman year so that was cool.  She's going to GVSU for physical therapy, so if I go to GVSU we'll be at the same graduation ceremony again!

Anyway, so after sending text messages, phone calls, and I turned off my phone before the ceremony.  It never turned back on.  The Verizon guy basically blamed me for buying charging chords on the internet, though I rarely used those chords, especially on the recent replacement phone I got.  Whatever guy.  Laura's line was up for a new phone with contract so we used it for me (apparently like we have before) and she'll get one at the end of summer.  I now have the Samsung Intensity II in BRIGHT blue with a BRIGHT purple case so that I can't loose it in plain sight.  Mom and I decided that maybe I do need a case since my phones always die before their time.
I actually like it quite a bit.  Getting used to the set up of the keypad and the fact that the front slides to the right instead of the left (the left is my instinct). I've got it pretty much set up how I like it, and I love one of the wallpapers it comes with.  Still though, the buttons in general getting used to.

I'm ahead of myself.  I walked out of graduation with a different friend who sat in the row behind me.  She was my lab partner in Microbiology and actually bought my last graduation ticket for $20 (her offer) which was awesome.  We split ways, and I met up with family, roommates, Beckey's parents, and possible future roommate Lindsey for Fu Garden Chinese food.  Delicious.  I think everyone was pleased.  Then we took pictures and split for naps (everyone was tired).  Jon and I slept for 2.5 hours, then I met up with them for dinner at Panera, and shopping at Woodland Mall.  

Robby, his mom, and friend met us at JcPenny cause the mom's wanted to actually meet and I wanted to see Janet again (I haven't seen her since we went to London).  Of course Laura had chosen the fitting room by the bras so when Robby called I was like..... I'll come meet you outside of the bras.  We talked a bit then I went to get my mom and bring her out.  Janet of course wandered into the night gowns so when Mom got out there, they ended up meeting in the night gowns.  Robby and his friend (KP?) stood over in the aisle for a while then eventually joined us.  Jokes ensued and Robby and I got our pictures taken next to the half person underwear models and thongs.

Well it's pretty late now.  That was most of Saturday anyway.  I've got a wedding to go to tomorrow so I better get my beauty rest so I can get all dolled up tomorrow before I have to be over at Laura's.  Oh no! What shoes will I wear!  

--Perhaps the same ones.

Friday, April 22, 2011

This will be good

Today I completed the challenge of going to every single class I had this semester.  I don't think I've done that ever in a semester, even for a single class.  It was a mini goal, something I'm trying to give myself more of so I can be impressed by my own abilities.

Then I got to work and watched my boss spend 30 minutes breaking into my room.  There is going to be 4-6 girls here this weekend and I have all my stuff to study for exams.  I have one Monday and one Tuesday.  I pretty much decided I'm just going to retake Microbiology lecture, which is the Monday exam, so my week isn't so bad.

Oh yeah, and Sunday we're having cheesecake for Easter.  On the way home I'm getting my check from Tony (earlier said boss), getting gas, buying beer and like 4 orders of those inside out cinnamon bites from Arby's.  I'll probably also eat half of one of the giant snickerdoodle cookies Beckey's mom mailed her that are essentially the size of my face.  Happy Easter to us all.

You should all be impressed by my day/upcoming weekend.  And jealous.

Photo courtesy of Karissa Dyda (who found it somewhere on the internet).  I sent it to Christina cause it sounded like something she would write.

Edit: AAAAAaaaaaand I just remembered I have to come up with something uber creative for my "life journey" project.  Something abstract that defines the meaning of my life.  I'm not even sure what I'm saying, mostly repeating the words.  Maybe something with swing sets, or coloring... cause there's a lot of coloring here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Job: The Details

So I'm sure you ALL are dying for new job details.  Here is all I know so far.

General Specifics:
I will be a caregiver/mom for 12 women in an adult foster home.  Some have developmental disabilities, some have addiction problems, but they are all mild and can take care of themselves for the most part.  I'm there to be sure everyone is safe, supervise their choirs, diffuse any disagreements, keeps to the schedule, and to take them on outings.  I will live in the home every other weekend for 48 hours straight (9:30pm Friday - 9:30pm Sunday).  32 of those hours are paid, and I get paid for extra hours if they wake me in the middle of the night.  They have two homes, directly next to each other, and the owners live in the other house if I ever have questions.  The owners are very nice, and run it very much as a small business which I love (e.g. They have a full time woman who has an apartment attached to the house I will be in, but they really like to give her the weekends off, so they have me or the other person call them with any questions.) He does payroll every week, so every time I come into work I'll have a paycheck waiting for me.

My Specifics:
I will be starting Wednesday 5-9pm to shadow the full time woman. I'll also go in Thursday night, then Friday I'll start!  I got one of my friends to take my weekend Kleiner shift this week so I'm in the clear for that.  I'm trying to give up all of my Kleiner weekend shifts, but still go in for Monday/Tuesday cause I don't really have that much time left there anyway.  I also applied at Murphy's Family Restaurant with the good word of a union worker at Kleiner (who is a friend of the owners).  I figure in the summer it will be super easy to work during the week there, and every other weekend at the home, then during the school year I could work a few days at Murphy's, but I won't need to cause I'll make enough at the other.

That doesn't feel super organized of an explanation, but hopefully you can weed through it.

Still working on housing.  Now more complicated because I don't have every weekend to go look at them.  We'll figure something out.  Somehow.

Bare with me below this line.  I was trying to get the photos side by side and for once in my life actually used HTML coding, so everything is a struggle. ** I literally gave up on HTML about 5 minutes after this a just made my blog wide rather than trying to resize the photos.
 *** And after finding the photos missing mysteriously, you will now notice they even fail to be side by side.

I got together with an APO new member from this semester to work on Rush ideas for next semester.  She's a freshman so it was nice to have her insight into things that never occurred to me.  Anyway, I had this theme idea, and we had talked about liking to have an older member and a newer member do Rush together so we're basically just setting ourselves up.  I can show you the mock ups we made.

And here is the mock up of the poster:

For some reason photoshop will not let me choose whatever color blue I want.  Whatever I guess.  That'll do for now.

And that'll do for you.  Toodles.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I don't know what happened

That last one, I totally forgot I had to be up really early for something, but I honestly don't know what.  OH the blood drive I was running.  We got 57 productive donors!  It was a lot better than I expected with volunteers and donors.

Lots went on this week and weekend.  Most importantly, emailing listings about housing for next year.  The first one is my favorite in terms of location.  The Coit house Beckey is IN LOVE with.  Beauty wise.  It also happens to be really close to where her friend Eric lives and the CHS building.  We were having a hard time finding 3 people houses in the right location, cause Krista is subleasing for a semester then going to Disney, so one of the new APO members might live with us too (she is a Junior and was going to live on campus downtown anyway)!  I'm so nervous about housing even though everyone tells me no one signs leases down there until May.  Here are the choices.

I went down to 44th Street to interview for a job at a ice cream place.  I think it might go well, but he kept saying about how far I'd have to drive, which is really how far you have to drive to work anywhere when you live in Allendale.  Blah.  I also told him in Petoskey I usually drove at least 20 minutes to work because I lived outside of the city.  Still though, it's only a summer thing, so I'd be screwed after I graduate.  Still looking for something else.  Miriam is going to try to help me get hired at Victoria's Secret (which I know is like slave labor sometimes, but I really will do just about anything now).  Carlee - who I work at Kleiner with - also works there in the summer, so hopefully that helps me out.  Still trucking on.

Thursday - Bo Burnham comes to GVSU.  This kid (ignore Katy Perry dumbness):

That should keep ya'll for a while.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sleeping with the Sheets: Day 4

I've been a little disheveled this week.  Tuesday by 9pm I was at my wits end. List of events:
Lost [possibly in my sleep] my necklace with the green gem on it
Got a bad grade on my death and dying exam
Had a[n] [entirely] frustrating conversation with my professor who thinks grades should matter, and is entirely unhelpful on how to succeed to meet her standards
Didn't hear from either interview
Couldn't find stamps to write a thank you note to interviews
Tired all day and it rained all day
Went to work and smelled like [armpit] grease
Started hailing while at work
Toaster exploded with fireworks and everyone [managing] stood around and got orders messed up
Dropped the lid to the cookie jar [almost all of it] and smashed in parking lot
Couldn't figure out APO website and people kept interrupting and nominating me for things
Sobriety was [half jokingly] questioned at APO meeting [though it was pretty obvious I was loosing my mind]
Came home watched Castle and had [two] beer
[that may or may not be it, I don't recall most of the day]


Wednesday I felt better though, cause I totally kicked the ass of my psychology exam, and my friends didn't do so well.  It sounds mean, but I really just needed to excel in something to get me out of that crab tree mood.  I also watched the Secret Millionaire which always makes me cry and warms my heart.

This week I'm getting my co-curricular activities knocked out for my Life Journey's classes.  Basically I just go to GVSU events, write up a thing about learning objectives, how it relates to the class, and thank you for the A+, Mr. Smith!  That class also made me feel good today cause how can you not be happy with a 96% on a paper you wrote almost entirely in a car?

It might be sleep time... or double past sleep time.... or I don't even know how to sleep.  Maybe I'll sleep at the blood drive (that I am working at not donating at, cause then I could really sleep).  Will be on campus all day tomorrow ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...............  I have to be up early.  Will continue at la t e   r    t   i    m   e  . .  . .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

INTRO: Spring Break

How did I not post about Spring Break while ON Spring Break.  You'd think I had the time.

I actually spent a decent amount of time over break reading.  On the way there I read 50 pages of the Autobiography of Malcolm X and on the way back I read 150 more.

While there, I read 5 sections of the DSM (Diagnostic Manual for Psychiatrists) and created a chart which turned out to be a good way to gain favor of my classmates.  There are four of us who sit in the front right corner that always talk.  Well two of them were super sick over break and were talking about how they didn't read.  I told them I did all the reading and they were "jealous" so to say.  I told them I made the chart and they were in awe that I did so much.  Then I said I would print them off a copy and I became the BEST person in the whole world.  And that's how you buy friends without spending any money at all.

So I guess the beginning.  Heading down to Hilton Head, South Carolina we stopped to see Krista's friend Abby Hall in Dayton.  They met a Disney and haven't seen each other since:

We stayed two nights in hotels cause we couldn't get into our condo until 4pm on Monday.  They were very swanky hotel rooms per my my standard - one was a suite!  All with big screen TVs and what not.  Here's a picture of one:

Also on the way down we went to an art place that Jan had remembered from somewhere.  They had things like pull candy, story books, jams and jellies, scarves, and these penguins made of gourds.

Because we weren't in a hurry, we drove through the mountains a lot.  We got out to take pictures once at the top of a mountain, yes all covered in snow.  I felt like I was in a poem.

I'll upload the rest of the pictures to an album and add captions so you can follow along the rest of the journey.  This weekend I'll be at Michigan State for an APO conference so give me some time.  Peace and Blessings.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spam Profile

In case you're interested, these are the things that appear frequently in my spam folder:

Pizza Lovers coupons
Singles Dating (including specifically asian dating):

Credit Checks
Chuck E Cheese party coupons

Government officials telling me I'm receiving millions of dollars and need to report things to a VERY official hotmail address:

Restaurant Deals
Online Lottery (didn't know that existed)
Human Resources Degrees
Solar Panels
Vacation Spots
------ yeah already on vacation but thanks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interview with a broken heart band

Interview on Monday = Bust!
- Basically the called me in, had me fill out paperwork like we were going on the track to hiring (stuff like availability, agreement to submit to drug tests, hard copy application) then she asked me one question about my experience and said, "Well we're looking for someone right away who has experience so I don't think it will work out," then gave me the business card and basically apologized for wasting my time.  That was super frustrating cause I had to wake up early, and give up time I could have spent studying for my lab exam, and gas I didn't need to spend had she just looked at my resume and actually listening when we spoke on the phone.  Waste of time.  Mom suggested writing a thank you note to impress them which I agreed could be a good idea.  After talking to Beckey, I felt like I didn't want to work for someone who treated me like that, so I don't know if I'll do that.  I'll decide after spring break.

But, in the midst of chaos, comes a light
- Today I got two calls for interviews.  One with Comfort Keepers in Holland, which is the same company Nicole works for out of the Traverse City base (  I will be going down to their offices Friday morning (now realizing I should have made that Friday afternoon) to take an assessment/interview something or other - perhaps Nicole could shed light on this.  

- The other was from Home Instead Senior Care based in Grand Rapids (  I've got to call the second one back tomorrow morning cause she called while I was in class and was on her way out of the office.  I'm pretty excited though to have two responses so soon.  This one would be better for me, especially since we're trying to move downtown, but either would be good.  Anything I can do in summer and not be Campus Dinning is a plus.

Today I got all the left over merch from the Gift of Life Challenge that APO helped with.  The deal was to get people to sign up for the organ donor registry by enticing them with swag like highlighters, pens, bottle openers, color changing cups, and organ shaped silly bands.  We all got some and put them on.  Jon and Krista's heart shaped silly band both broke.  Mine is fine though.  :)

As always, more later.  Love you all.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

way past my bed time.

So I have more posts from Australia then I EVER have had on this blog.  That seems wrong.  My life has been a lot longer than my time in Australia was (even though time stands still there...).

Interview for Homewatch Caregivers was moved to Monday. ( The lady had some meeting or something, I can't remember.  She did say specifically, "Thank you for being so flexible," so 1 point to Jill.  I also got a call from Hospice where I applied to be a volunteer.  I'm going to the training in May so that's pretty exciting.  The lady was super bubbly on the phone and so was I.  She said I sounded surprised and I said I was just happy to hear so soon.  Apparently if you train with them, you can be a hospice volunteer anywhere, which is pretty cool if I move cities for Graduate School.

A week from now I will be on my way to Hilton Head, South Carolina with Krista's family.  Should be a good time!  I guess I didn't realize how close South Carolina was to Florida.  Should be pretty warm and nice!  We'll see though.  Not many plans specifically.  Will be in Charleston for a day per my request.  There is a grad school there that I have a pretty high chance of getting into, so I'd like to see what it's like.

To answer the questions about Graduation - even though I have everything I need to graduate, I'm not "officially graduating" until December 2011.  That way I can get financial aid e.g. Pell Grants still.  Next semester I will be part time, so that I can get a few extra classes for grad school, and maybe retake some.  As long as I am enrolled part time, my loans continue to be deferred, which is what I care about most.  Hopefully I can get a good job like this one I have an interview for Monday so that I can work a lot second semester.  Lots of thinking and confusion.

No photos today.  Not feeling it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Graduation Information and Rainbows

Today the bathroom smelled like BBQ sauce.  It wasn't just me.  My friend Kristen said so as well.

Tomorrow I will be applying for Graduation.  NOTE TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES: Commencement is April 30th at 10am at the Van Andel Grand Rapids.  I have 7 tickets.  My advisor will probably chastise me for waiting so long, but I'm still going to make the deadline.  I ordered an Australian sash to wear which is super cool looking! (and by sash they mean this:)

My Death and Dying class was canceled today which I'm very excited for.  That means I can finish the book in time for the exam Thursday!

This weekend I wrote out all of the grad schools I've been looking at including prerequisites, application requirements, entry and type of study, contacts, and GPA of the recent incoming class.  I'm feeling really good about that.  I also picked out most of the classes I will be taking next year.  I wrote them all on bright colored paper and made a rainbow over my desk.  Maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood.

I got a call yesterday from a home health aid place I applied for called Homewatch Caregivers.  I have an interview on FRIDAY!  They do non medical stuff like helping people dress and wash, cooking, cleaning, errands, etc.  It would still be awesome for patient experience and they have education courses that you take online for free and you can choose courses specific to your patient.  It would be a nice pay bump too.  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The three comforter approach.

There was an article on CNN February 8th about narcolepsy which I found very interesting.  What I found most unusual though was that they are prescribing Sodium Oxybate for narcolepsy now.  For those of you like me who thought, gee what is that? I will tell you - it's another name for GHB.   Though there is nothing essentially wrong with GHB as a drug, it of course conjures up bad thoughts for most of us because it is frequently used illegally.  What's most interesting to me is that most treatments for narcolepsy are stimulants, focusing on keeping you awake during the day and controlling attacks of cataplexy.  Sodium Oxybate is used to help you sleep deeper and in some unknown way also fights cataplexy.  Anyway, I found the article interesting and the photo hysterical.

I don't really understand why single people are supposed to feel bad on Valentine's Day but I'm grateful it's over.  I can't read another facebook post about "Singles Awareness Day" or overhear another person be pouty cause they don't have a valentine.  Maybe I'm just callous but it never bothered me, and I never got what the big deal was.  It always seems better when someone surprises you with a display of affection, rather than only on those days when they are "supposed to".  I don't understand the emphasis on a certain day of the year.  Regardless, Miss Judy at work gave me a silly band that looks like a flower and smells like candy.  Other than that my day when by rather untouched by anything out of the ordinary.

There is this new website that is a desperate blend of twitter, facebook, and craiglist missed connections called  My coworkers were talking about it last week, and how some of them are on it, so this weekend in the wee hours of the night/morning I read some.

I was astonished at the range of the post from complete booty call, to I just want someone to cuddle with, to overly sentimental for all you girls out there looking for a post about you, to really plain I see you everywhere, you have this color coat, to advice Girls, how do you like a guy to approach you?, to what I like to call fan clubs for Campus dining workers.  One of these fan clubs, in fact the most frequently posted by name person is a guy named Mike who I happen to work with for an hour every Monday and Tuesday.  He's a "nice guy", cute and kinda scrawny.  According to most of his fan club he has very beautiful eyes.  I hope you can see where this is going.

I now find myself spending the entire hour that I work with Mike trying to pick out which girls are a member of his fan club.  Unfortunately today about 90% of the kids who came to grill when he got there were boys!  There was one confirmed girl - he messaged some of them from the site and they added him on facebook - and one very, very, very nervous girl whom I suspected.  Other than that, it was rather uneventful except I got to SUPER embarrass him by telling the union worker and then bringing it up after each girl went through the line.  I've got a better game though.  Those who I suspect will now be brought down by my undying love for uncomfortable situations.  Watch out girls of Mike's fan club who do not read that blog, soon I will be asking people, "Hey, a lot of people say he has super nice eyes.  What do you think?"  Other suggestions on how to milk this situation for my entertainment are appreciated.
Danny Pudi and Donald Glover
I was too lazy to fold up my extra comforters used when Nicole and Lyndsey were over, so now I have three comforters on my bed.  Best outcome of laziness ever!  I feel like I'm in heaven every time I go to sleep.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grocery store valentines

So in the middle of that last post, Krista and I had to go get Jon from work.  I bought Orange Crush and Wheat Thins.  While standing in line, the middle aged man asserted himself into our conversation (where Krista was talking about not having a valentine and being UBER dramatic about it).

He said something like, are you sure no one likes you?  
She said yes.  
(this sort of "Are you sure?"/"yes I'm sure" went on for a while, mostly with Krista looking at me uncomfortably.)
He said something about attractive men, and suggested perhaps she had a secret admirer and they would reveal themselves.  
She said, "I hope not."
I said I would buy her chocolate then tried to change the subject to crayons cause I had seen some twist up crayons that you don't have to sharpen next to the candy.
Krista informed me those were old news.
He continued to act like he was part of our conversation.
I made some remark about being too poor to afford fancy crayons and that some of us had to sharpen our own crayons by hand.
He seemed uncomfortable at this point as I imagine it had been quite some time since he saw children fighting over crayons.  His order was complete and he began to walk away as....
Krista said to the cashier, "You were in my dream last night."
He said something like, "Oh, nice. Way to go." Signaling to the cashier.
I laughed hysterically with my head down.
Krista talked about her dream and her hands being too full of stuffed animals to climb up the pole/half stairs to the apartment.
Jon the cashier just smiled.

The next guy in line laughed as Krista relayed her dream, and then we discussed how it's weird what people think when they don't realize that we know Jon, and how that guy stared creepy, and other weird things we do at Family Fare like mess with the products and make ridiculous requests - e.g.  I would like my milk wrapped in pink tissue paper for Valentine's Day.

It's so hard to be mean. Orange Crush.

It's very hard to find a mean e-card.  I'm not feeling creative enough to make one of my own.  My friend Christina (the Canadian) and I had decided while we were in Australia that we would open a card shop that sold only mean or sarcastic greeting cards.  Anyway, I'm trying to send her a mean valentine which is proving more work than I wanted it to be.  Who would of thought that no one MAKES mean valentine ecards.  Turns out we might have another market.

... And about half an hour later I find success. for all or your mean last minute card needs ( was a close second runner but did not have a valentines day card that featured an earwig).  Normally I would just buy one off of Mean Cards or Uncooked Cards but we all know I'm terrible at any holiday that does not include a turkey or roast or the birth of a person (that'd be Thanksgiving, Christmas, possibly Easter but it keeps moving on me! and Birthdays).

I discovered what I think is a new music video by Neon Trees (internet search tells me 3 months old).  This is truly a band after my own heart.  (also they made me want orange Crush).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The results of 8 days, over and out.

Have you all been DYING to hear my exam scores!

Microbiology - 87%
Microbiology Lab - 84%
Death and Dying - Still not posted (probably good it was pretty easy just gave me a hand cramp)
Psychopathology - 100% (He grades the exams based off of the highest score in the class which was 45/50 and I got 42/50 which apparently after statistical correction and whatnot = 100%)
Paper yet to be graded.

All in all, good scores to work with, and now I know what to expect.  I could have done a lot better on Microbiology if we didn't have that snow day and I could have went into the study center to read the text but whatever.  I'm super excited cause an A in Psychopathology would be GREAT for my gradschool applications cause it's always a prerequisite for the programs.

I met my latest advisor and she is SUPER awesome. I told her it was the best advising appointment I had ever had and she said something like, "We didn't really do anything, I just told you to do stuff."  My response was along the lines of, that's what you're supposed to do is guide!  Amazing.  Great personality and very knowledgable.

I feel awful today.  Probably the sickness of all the work and nonsense I had to do.  Must now recuperate with some TV therapy.  And Snuggie time.  So comfortable.